For the Mamas

This week I’ve had a few reminders that we’re all on our own ‘journeys’ & that some people’s journeys are harder than others. I’ve also been thinking a lot about mindfulness & how in our very connected world we could all benefit from being more mindful. I’m talking about the judgement we place on ourselves & others. Whilst social media has huge positives for connecting people, it also (in my opinion) plays a big role in the state of people’s mental health. With ease, we compare ourselves to each other whilst forgetting that very few people put the REAL picture up (& sadly with ease too many people dish out lots of negativity to). I’m certainly guilty of not always sharing the reality of the mess created by our family of 5 & I’m also guilty of seeing posts from other mums & judging myself against their efforts. So in light of these things, I wanted to put out a post as a shout out to all the mums to say ‘YOU’VE GOT THIS!’ & to be mindful that we’re all on our own journeys & that everyday YOU ARE ENOUGH 💛

Feel free to share with a mum or mum-to-be to pass on the positivity xx

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