Almost there!

When the twins were born, I set myself a goal of breastfeeding them for 12 months. From the moment we got home from hospital, the countdown was on… 1 week down, 51 to go… 2 weeks down, 50 to go… My Mum, who I was incredibly lucky to have supporting me, would just shake her head and spur me on, bringing me another cup of nursing tea and a lactation cookie. The first 10 weeks of feeding, pumping & giving expressed top up bottles were really hard. Eventually things got easier & now it just seems like a simple thing to be putting one on and then the next, like a production line.

This past week however, has really tested me. The twins have both been a bit off with either a cold or teething and they’ve both been waking multiple times before 11pm and then again during the night (which is not unusual). My wonderful husband / their excellent Daddy goes in to them first, but the outcome is the same, they’re not going to settle without a feed…

Last night both twins were crying out at 11:15pm and my hubby brought Evie down to me saying that she just really wanted a feed. After responding in my exhausted state saying, ‘I’m so over the feeding’, I took Evie (who immediately dropped her head into feeding position 😂) & fed her while Adam went to get Noah so I could feed him too. As I was sitting there in the dark feeding the twins I kept thinking about the need for me to always ‘come to the rescue’ with feeding them and I couldn’t help but feel a bit deflated (pardon the pun 😋). As I was going back to sleep, I then started thinking back to those first few months of starting the countdown & I thought, I’m almost there! I’ve come this far and I’m almost there!

As I woke to my 3 beautiful kids this morning and I fed the twins with their beaming smiles, I was reminded how incredibly lucky I am to have 3 beautiful babies (not that I really need much reminding, but smiling babies and their older brother greeting me with ‘how are you beautiful Mummy?’ helps 🙊), and to have been able to breastfeed them all. In just over 2 months time I will have reached my goal and I will have satisfied my desire to give my babies the start in life that I have worked hard to give them. I’m almost there!

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  1. […] myself of my goal, why I was persisting (to give the twins all the benefits of breastfeeding), and how far I’d come. After all the initial effort, and the challenges along the way, it really became completely natural […]


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