Have you been holding back?

How many of us can truthfully say, “I don’t hold back”? I’m not talking just in a sense of saying how you really feel, or “giving a piece of your mind” 😋, or airing all the skeletons in your closet… I’m talking in a sense of showcasing 100% of yourself, being true to yourself, and being unapologetically YOU. Whether it’s in the space of social media, with your family and friends, or work colleagues, how many of us are holding back, afraid to reveal their whole selves for fear of rejection or negative criticism, etc.?

I had the thought recently, after being treated to a beautiful poem, “The Man in the Mirror”, that if we aren’t being true to the person looking back at us, and we aren’t showcasing our full selves, how can we possibly attract the right people, relationships, or state of mind? If we aren’t talking about, or doing and sharing the things that we really enjoy, or that light our world on fire, then how will others ever know that we are interested in those things, and to talk to us about them or invite us along? How can we form new friendships with people with common interests if others don’t know what our interests are? For example, before I started this space, how were other parents or friends or family to know that I would be more than willing to talk to them openly about the ups and downs of my parenting journey, or that I would be happy to be asked for advice or about my experiences (besides knowing how much I love a good chat in general 😊)?

Today, I am acknowledging that I feel I have been holding back. Whilst everything I have shared in this space is of course true and honest, I feel I have been holding back on sharing MORE about me and my personal journey, and MORE of the things that set my soul on fire, and that inspire and excite me. I’ve been unsure about what should and should not be shared, forgetting that only I can set the barriers, no one else. So, I have decided to make a conscious (and unconscious) effort to share more about me, and from me, so that you can see more of what helps me through my parenting journey, and I can open myself up to even more possibilities, and can continue to connect and relate to others.

Do you feel you are showcasing your whole self? Is there something that you don’t share that could be holding you back from attracting new opportunities? We’ll never know if we don’t give it a go!


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