Clean the cleaner

I was all ready to write a post yesterday morning on how it had been a big week which started with doing the wonderful Reiki 2 course with Angel Light Heart and Soul Healing, going through & growing through lots of emotions, giving & supporting people through my Mandala Painting Workshop & Reiki sessions, then having the shock of my sister & her beautiful family involved in a freak accident & delaying their start to their round the country trip again (thankfully all escaping major injuries), loving & caring for my family (including one sick child), & then getting sick myself as well… I had acknowledged that it had been a big week, and had planned things I wanted to write, but as the theme has seemed to be this week, plans are never set in stone… My big week clearly wasn’t yet done, as I added an extra cherry on top, ending up with a little health scare yesterday afternoon (because my family needs the extra stress 😬), & so I’m now sharing something that perhaps others need to hear as well.

I’ve had this recurring thought for a while now, that stems from a dishwasher advertisement of all things 🙊, that asks, ‘who cleans the cleaner!?’ I think of it often in relation to those who support other people (i.e. parents, carers, support workers, people who hold space for others in whatever capacity, etc) & I think, ‘who cares for the carer!?’ Whilst I’ve had this thought multiple times, I guess I haven’t gone much further than that… until now!

During the week I had someone close to me ask, ‘if you do this for others, then who’s looking after you?’ Then yesterday my beautiful friend posted something so poignant about being kind to ourselves when we’re always giving kindness to others, followed by a phone call about recent events, & we both agreed that we are now giving so much more of ourselves in our new spaces of work (that we both love so much), & that we really need to do more for ourselves & to look after ourselves as a result. Finally, as I laid in bed with my hand on my heart last night, I got images of a teddy bear (giving a big bear hug) & a droopy rose (in need of some nuturing) impressed on my mind, & I thought to myself, ‘I’m getting the msg loud & clear now!!’

So when I’m up to it, I will be scheduling in some extra & regular time for me. Because whilst I’ve done a lot of work on myself this year, it’s been a few months since I’ve had someone do some work on me, & I know that a regular massage, reiki, or meditation, etc will do wonders & will help keep me balanced so that I can continue giving myself in ways that I am so passionate about ❤️

So if you find yourself in a similar position, & you’re giving a lot of yourself, but not making time to receive, then let this be your reminder to ‘clean the cleaner’ & look after you! Let’s not just make it a once off. Let’s put something regular into place, & if you need someone to hold you accountable, then send me a message & let me know your plans & I can check in every now & then to see how you’re sticking to them 😊

It’s so important to make space for ourselves, to have the power to say no to somethings, & the power to say yes when people offer help (which I’m so incredibly grateful for all the offers of grocery shops, etc that I’ve received over the last couple of days 😍😍)

Have a great week! ❤️

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