How I came to run Mandala Painting Workshops

This is a post about my very first mandala painting experience and how I came to run Mandala Painting Workshops.

My First Mandala Painting Experience

On a very special trip to Melbourne in January 2018, my dear friend booked me into one of Karen Scott’s One Day Wonder Workshops at Mandala Magic. Between being absorbed in corporate life and becoming Mum to 3 kids 2yo and under, I had not painted in a very long time, and I was incredibly nervous! At the end of the workshop, I was so proud of my unique masterpiece, and I was pleasantly surprised by the benefits of being completely absorbed in a creative process (featured below). I came home, took up painting and I haven’t stopped painting Mandalas, or reaping the benefits, since. It truly highlighted to me, how important it is to make time for creativity, and that life doesn’t have to be so serious, or task focused all the time!

My Role as Mandala Painting Facilitator

Now as a painting workshop facilitator, my role is to hold the space for individuals and teams to explore their own creativity and to take some time out to connect with themselves and each other. I provide the tools and the guidance, working with each person to draw out their unique story. Seeing a group completely absorbed in the process of creating their masterpieces makes my heart sing. I love watching the creative journey unfold and hearing many surprised by the colours and shapes they choose. My favourite part is seeing the pride on everyone’s faces as their masterpieces are completed and they take them home to be proudly displayed in a special place or displayed in their office buildings as a reminder of their team building experience.

If you would love to experience the process for yourself, or you would like to book in a unique team building experience, please see my Mandala Painting Workshops page for more information or book in a 10-minute Connection Call and let’s make a plan together!

Yours in creativity,

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