Meet Simone

img_4445Hi! I’m Simone, the proud wife to my partner in crime of 11 years, and together we are the proud parents of our 3 beautiful children – our 4 year old boy and 2 year old boy / girl twins.


When our firstborn was 2.5yo and our twins were 6mo, I started writing to share an insight into our crazy life with 3 children aged 2 and under. I became passionate about sharing our journey to support other parents through theirs, and to inspire other parents to find the joys in being a parent whilst rediscovering themselves and looking after their wellbeing. I have always been passionate about working with people, having completed a Business Degree in Human Resources and working for large corporates before becoming a Mum, and then for some small clients while juggling the kids at home full time.


Coming out of the cloud that was the first year of life with a 2yo and newborn twins, I went through a transformation, rediscovering myself and my huge passion for supporting others. I discovered a love for painting and the bliss of having something creative to immerse myself in as a meditative practice. I also revisited my Reiki practice, and rediscovered my passion for supporting others to relax and work on themselves. I am passionate about sharing my journey and my services to support others to create, reflect, and nurture their souls.


Thank you for connecting with me xx




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