Meet Simone

Hi! I’m Simone, and welcome to my space, Embarked with Simone ♥

So, you want to see who it is that will be guiding you through the amazing Mandala painting process for your upcoming workshop? Or you want to learn a bit more about me before you book in for a Reiki & Intuitive Healing session? Or you want to see if I’m the right fit to guide and support you on your journey whether through a group workshop or one-on-one coaching? Well, you have come to the right place, and it is so lovely to connect with you!

First thing’s first, my beautiful family! I am the proud wife to my partner in crime of 14 years, and together we are the proud parents of our 3 beautiful children – our 6 year old boy and 4 year old boy / girl twins. My family are my world and I absolutely believe that being a mother is part of my divine purpose. It has been through my motherhood journey, with all the ups and downs, that I truly discovered myself, and my passion for sharing my journey and what supports me.

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Coming out of the cloud that was the first year of life with a 2yo and newborn twins, I went through a huge transformation. It truly felt like a fog had lifted, and I rediscovered myself and found my purpose in my passion for supporting others in connecting to themselves and creating, reflecting and nurturing their souls. I discovered a love for painting and the bliss of having something creative to immerse myself in as a meditative practice and I wanted to share it, and all of the benefits with everyone around me. I also revisited the beautiful healing method of Reiki, and began practicing to support others to relax and connect with themselves as ‘I let go’ and allowed my intuitive gifts to flow through. My passions for talking (yes, I love it!), combined with my love for helping others through their challenges and my strong intuitive connection, allows me to coach and support others in a relaxed and compassionate way.

I have always been passionate about working with people, having completed a Business Degree in Human Resources, and working for large corporates before having our firstborn. I then juggled working from home for some small clients with our firstborn, before having our twins and taking a break from HR. As I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel of our first year of having 3 under 2, I started to question everything. I was questioning what it was that I wanted to be doing (outside of being Mum), and who I wanted to spend my time with, and how I could connect with new people, etc. This self reflection process, was the beginning of a lot of personal growth and change, and I am so grateful to be on my path, aligning with my soul’s purpose, as I continue to evolve. I returned to a HR role at a big corporate when our twins turned 3 & I am absolutely loving bringing my full self to work & sharing my passion for making a positive difference.

If you can relate to my self-questioning, if you are seeking more, or if you feel you are in need of some additional support and guidance, please get in touch. I am incredibly passionate about my work and I love nothing more than seeing you connect with yourself, connect with others, and seeing that spark light up within as your energy shifts as you’ve worked through something, you’ve let go and relaxed, or you’ve painted your story within a circle and you’re incredibly proud.

Thank you again for connecting with me, I look forward to creating with you ♥

Simone xx