Meet Simone

I started Embarked in 2018 after my own personal transformation, with a mission to support others to connect with themselves and their creativity, to find their purpose, and reach their full potential. I’ve added extra tools to my toolkit along the way, and I love being able to dip into my ‘basket’ to support my clients in a multifaceted way. Embarked is about the journey you are on, and how coaching and creative connection can guide you back to yourself to activate your full potential.

I am a wife, mother, Coach, workshop facilitator, artist, PRINT® 1 / 2, splenic projector (Human Design), Human Resources professional, sunset lover, beach walker, energy enthusiast, and more! I have always been passionate about working with people. It’s what led me to complete a Business Degree in Human Resources and work in a variety of corporate roles prior to having our firstborn in 2014. I then juggled consulting from home before we were pleasantly surprised with our rainbow twins in 2016!

Coming out of the cloud that was the first year of life with a 2yo and newborn twins, I went through a huge transformation! I reconnected with myself and unearthed a love for painting and the bliss of having something creative to immerse myself in. I began to share it, and all of the benefits with everyone around me, and launched Embarked!

In 2019, I committed to a Corporate HR role, alongside Embarked. I cemented my love for coaching and supporting people to be their best selves by completing my coaching accreditation in 2021. At the beginning of 2023, I decided it was time to refocus all of my energy back into Embarked, leaving my part-time HR role behind.

I have worked full-time, consulted, worked part-time, been a stay at home / work at home parent, working parent, and now business owner. Such a variety of working life experience allows me to empathise and build stronger connections with my clients.

My passion for improvement, combined with my love for helping others through their challenges, sense of humour, and strong intuitive connection, allow me to coach and support others in a warm and compassionate way. As a 2/5 Splenic Projector, I also have a knack for really seeing things as they are, including your true potential! This means that I do not shy away from asking the questions that really need to be asked to help build your confidence and find your truth.

I am often described, as bold, courageous and full of heart. I am incredibly passionate about my work, and I love nothing more than seeing people connect with themselves, connect with others, and seeing that spark light up within as you’ve worked through something, or you’ve painted your story within a circle and you’re incredibly proud!

If you would love to chat more (I’m always up for a good chat!) to see if we’re a great fit for coaching or your next team building workshop, simply book your free 10-minute call below!

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I have a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resource Management from Swinburne University. In 2021, I completed 67.5 hours of ICF approved training, achieving my Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate through Coaching Pacific Limited. Having now completed hundreds of hours of coaching, I am on my way to attaining my ACC ICF accreditation.

With over a decade of experience working in large corporates such as KPMG, Woodside and Chevron, I understand what is involved in building successful teams and what strong leadership looks like. Having built and established my own business over the past 5 years, I also understand the challenges and triumphs of wearing multiple hats as you create the impact you wish to have on the world. Both of these coupled together make me incredibly passionate about supporting leaders and business owners to reach their full potential and teams to connect and collaborate effectively. Being a leader of a team or a business can be fun, easy (easier), and rewarding, and I am here to help that happen!

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