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3 Things that will help you create more alignment in your business

Do you feel like your business or your clients are running you, vs you are running your business?
Do you feel like you’re often saying ‘yes’ to the requests of clients, when what you really want to say is ‘no, I don’t offer that’?
Does your business feel like a chore because you’re not doing enough of what lights you up?

Businesses are an evolution, especially in those foundational years. It is so important that you give yourself permission to pivot and tweak things as often as you need so that it feels in alignment with you. And it’s important to create the space to reflect on what aligns and what doesn’t align, as well as what you want to align to.

Three things that will help you create a more aligned business include:

  • Stop offering services in your business that you don’t like doing
  • Set your working hours to what you want to work, not what works best for your clients
  • Stop comparing your business to what others are doing. This is your journey, and you are putting your unique magic out into this world.

Once you’re clear and you become brave enough to start saying ‘no’ to the things that no longer align with you, you’ll notice how you start to create the space to be able to say, ‘yes’ to the things that do’, which will in turn bring more joy and satisfaction to your business! More of what you WANT to be doing equals more fun, ease and flow within your business. More doing what aligns equals more aligned clients. ✨✨

Need support?

If you’re in need of some 1:1 support to reflect on what is in alignment in your business, make a plan and then implement the changes to get to that place of more satisfaction, joy and ease, check out my 1:1 empowerment coaching program as I love supporting my clients to grow their businesses from a place of authenticity!

woman in white shirt sitting on chair
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Try these 4 things to bring more joy to your life

Here are 4 things to try doing less of, to get more joy from your life!

  • Less saying, ‘yes’ to everything, more protecting your own boundaries
  • Less worrying about what others think, more staying in your power
  • Less seeing self care as selfish, more seeing self care as a necessity
  • Less denying yourself your true desires, more belief in the possibilities

Which one hits home the most for you?

Change can be just one intentional action away.
One ‘no, thats not what I want to do today’,
One reframe around ignoring that nagging inner voice around others’ perceptions,
One positive statement to yourself about why you deserve that *insert self care activity here*, or
One moment of dreaming up all of the possibilities.

If you need support in putting these into practice so that you can find more joy in your life, click here to see the ways I can support you.

My upcoming ‘Activating Authentic Authority’© program is designed to support you through implementing these changes, with the support of a group of likeminded people who will be experiencing similar changes along the way. Over 8 weeks, we will shift any feelings of being stuck, lost, unworthy, or disempowered, to building your confidence to shine your light and show up as your unique expression! Give yourself the space to get clear on the who, what and why of you, reclaim your life.

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You can have your cake AND eat it!

If you’re currently in a place where your friendship circle or job or business is no longer aligning with you… you are not alone!
This is completely normal when you are either already growing and evolving or you are ready to grow and evolve.
I have experienced this feeling many times before and I’m here to tell you that it will be okay. It will all work out.
Your life will turn out better than you can imagine!

  • You can have a beautiful tribe or circle that supports you and accepts you exactly as you are
  • You can have a job or business that is uplifting, fulfilling and enjoyable
  • You can have everything you dream of having

It starts with creating the space to work out who you authentically are, what supports that in your life, and what it is you truly want!

Whilst this might feel scary, the braver you are to take the first steps towards change, the greater the benefits will be.

If you’re ready to create the space and invest in your happiness and the life you really want for yourself, come and join my online signature program, ‘Activating Authentic Authority’©.

You’ll connect with a group of likeminded people and get the answers and action plan you seek to confidently make the changes that will support you living your best life!

Click here for more details. We start the next powerful program very soon with 2 group options to choose from.

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At a Crossroads

Are you at a crossroads in your life, where you feel like you need to make a BIG decision?

Perhaps you’re at the tail end of your parental leave and you’ve got to decide whether you go back to a job that didn’t really fill your bucket, or you try something new?

Perhaps the job doesn’t feel like this new version of you that has evolved with motherhood?

Perhaps your dreams and values have shifted?

Whatever the case, you know you’ve got some big decisions on your hands.

I have been in your shoes, and I understand how isolating, overwhelming, confusing, and just downright scary it can feel.

About 9 months after having our firstborn, I was faced with the big decision of going back to my 6-figure corporate HR role or finding another way to earn some income in a way that would allow me to spend more time at home with our son (my new goal). The decision felt HUGE and SO uncomfortable. There were so many things to consider!

Over 8 years on (and a set of twins later), and I can still easily recall the day that I made and communicated the decision to leave my job and create my own business.

I was relieved that I didn’t have to leave my son each day to go to an environment that I knew would not make me happy.

I was overjoyed that I had made a decision that felt right for me and my family.

I felt confident and clear on my new path.

And I was also super proud of myself for tuning into my own wants and needs and putting aside the fears and expectations of others.

I’ve made many big decisions since then, and now as a transformational coach, I have the pleasure of supporting so many other beautiful people making BIG decisions feel more comfortable, effortless, and enjoyable!

If you need support with making a big decision in your life, book in a free 10-minute call with me to chat about how I can support you from a place of someone who gets it and has been in your shoes.

How I came to run Mandala Painting Workshops

This is a post about my very first mandala painting experience and how I came to run Mandala Painting Workshops.

My First Mandala Painting Experience

On a very special trip to Melbourne in January 2018, my dear friend booked me into one of Karen Scott’s One Day Wonder Workshops at Mandala Magic. Between being absorbed in corporate life and becoming Mum to 3 kids 2yo and under, I had not painted in a very long time, and I was incredibly nervous! At the end of the workshop, I was so proud of my unique masterpiece, and I was pleasantly surprised by the benefits of being completely absorbed in a creative process (featured below). I came home, took up painting and I haven’t stopped painting Mandalas, or reaping the benefits, since. It truly highlighted to me, how important it is to make time for creativity, and that life doesn’t have to be so serious, or task focused all the time!

My Role as Mandala Painting Facilitator

Now as a painting workshop facilitator, my role is to hold the space for individuals and teams to explore their own creativity and to take some time out to connect with themselves and each other. I provide the tools and the guidance, working with each person to draw out their unique story. Seeing a group completely absorbed in the process of creating their masterpieces makes my heart sing. I love watching the creative journey unfold and hearing many surprised by the colours and shapes they choose. My favourite part is seeing the pride on everyone’s faces as their masterpieces are completed and they take them home to be proudly displayed in a special place or displayed in their office buildings as a reminder of their team building experience.

If you would love to experience the process for yourself, or you would like to book in a unique team building experience, please see my Mandala Painting Workshops page for more information or book in a 10-minute Connection Call and let’s make a plan together!

Yours in creativity,


It is tough to feel stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you.
You can feel incredibly lonely, frustrated, and demotivated.
Your path can seem completely unclear, and it can feel like there isn’t an easy way out.
And you can start to doubt yourself.

I’ve been in that position before, and plenty of my clients have too. Creating space to reflect on what it was that I truly wanted, and building an action plan to support that, were key to making the changes I needed to make. With a clear idea of what you want for yourself and a clear plan, you’re back in control of your own destiny! You’re able to make clearer, more aligned decisions that support your future plans. You’re better able to silence your inner critic and ignore the outer ones. Plus, it even helps with boosting your confidence in preparation for taking that next big step!

Does feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you sound all too familiar?
How does having a clear idea of who you are and what you want for yourself sound?
What about clarity on where you are going and how you can get there?
Along with the confidence to make the decisions you need to make and to have the conversations to back them up?

I have recently increased my availability to support clients 1:1 in my Empowerment Coaching Program and I would absolutely love to support you in creating the positive changes you desire. Book in a free 10-minute call with me to chat about how I can support you from a place of someone who gets it and has been in your shoes.

Much love,
Simone xx