Support for Businesses

Ready to have greater impact in your business?

With over a decade of experience working in large corporates such as KPMG, Woodside and Chevron, Simone understands what is involved in building successful teams and what strong leadership looks like. She is passionate about providing support for businesses, empowering leaders to reach their full potential and teams to connect and collaborate effectively.

If you’re ready to grow as a leader, or your team / organisation is in need of some team development support, submit a workshop request form or book in a 10-minute connection call below and let’s talk about options that best achieve what you’re looking for. I bring a holistic approach and can combine my coaching skills and workshop facilitation skills to support you and your team to increase your connection, impact and performance.

1:1 Coaching support, complying with the ICF Code of Ethics, to hold leaders and team members accountable to achieve their goals with a whole of person approach.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Facilitated feedback sessions with leaders and their teams to improve team collaboration and performance
  • Support in the stages of team development to set your vision and purpose and ways of working
  • PRINT® (a registered trademark with the Paul Hertz Group) Workshop facilitation
  • Team building activities (including Mandala Painting Workshops or Wellness Workshops)

My style is warm, friendly, bold, and authentic! With a decade working in fast paced Human Resources roles, I am also incredibly focused, professional, and determined. I am known for my courage in challenging the status quo, asking the tough questions, and presenting unique perspectives. My heart centred approach means that I genuinely care when I see leaders making great changes to support themselves and their teams. I love seeing teams truly connecting with each other, getting established, or working through challenges.