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A note for the times we may find ourselves getting defensive or when someone may have rubbed us up the wrong way (which could be timely for those get-togethers that took place over the Christmas break 🙈)…

We get defensive when there are emotions involved. When there is past hurt, anger, sadness, jealousy, etc that has not yet been dealt with or healed.

The feelings do not have to be directly connected with that person, rather they are just ‘poking the beast’ & bringing out unhealed parts of ourselves.

It can help to explore the situations as they arise, either with someone or on our own (ie. in a journal) so that we can really delve into the depths of the feelings that are being evoked. In doing so, we are also adding in a pause (where possible) before we respond, so that we can respond in a more logical & rational way, having thought through our emotional reactions, rather than responding in a way we do not wish to.

Perhaps there is more to the situation.

Something that we need more information on, or something we are misinterpreting as our ‘issue’ when it could be something in the other person that we are picking up on, something that they are feeling & perhaps not sure how to express or are expressing in a way they are not intending.

There are so many different ways to interpret things. The key is to give some thought as to how & why we might be reacting in a certain way, to remember that the emotions may not be connected with the person or thing that is triggering them, & that the way we are responding generally has a whole lot more to do with us & the way we are experiencing things, rather than how others are intending things to be interpreted.

If we depersonalise situations, it can really help with working through & healing the underlying emotions that are arising.

All is well when we breathe, reflect & adjust as needed 💛

By Simone Parker @embarkedwithsimone

Written 12/11/2018

Forget resolutions, start living

Each year, on our way home from our family camping trip, hubby & I talk about our goals for the year ahead, our hopes & dreams – because long car rides on the way home from holidays are good for that 😍

As we started sharing this time, I said, “I want to focus less on what needs to be done all the time, & more on relaxing & spending time in our backyard”.

It sounds so simple. Spending quality family time at home.

But, how often do we do that?

How often do we enjoy time at home without thinking about what needs to be done, or feeling like we need to be out doing things?

How often do we do we set goals that add unnecessary pressure, rather than just simply choosing to live happy lives?

Lives where we’re not rushing about, but we’re spending quiet, quality time with those we love.

Where we’re not chasing unrealistic goals or things, but we’re content with what we have.

Where we’re not trying to be so many things, but we value ourselves & the skin we’re in.

Where we’re finding the joy in the little things & choosing to be grateful for what we’ve invited into our lives…

So, when we’re setting your intentions for 2019, let’s forget the standard New Years resolutions around weights, diets, achievements, reductions, etc.

Let’s focus on the lives we’re living & the parts that fill our heart & soul.

Focus on the emotions we want to feel, the vibe we want to have, the moments we want to savour, the foods we want to enjoy, the company we want to laugh with.

Let’s focus on how many quiet moments we can create, how much giving we’re doing & how much receiving, how much we’re listening to our bodies & what they need, & how we’re riding the waves.

Let’s focus on living ✨

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Heart healing

A week & a half ago after a trip to the ED, I was told I had viral pericarditis (inflammation of the sac around the heart) on top of the tonsillitis that our youngest kindly passed on… forcing me to REALLY slow down & rest my body. Whilst I’m frustrated that I can’t physically do what I want to at the moment, or what I would normally do, & things haven’t gone to plan (i.e. having to postpone the last 2 weeks of my Mandala Painting Workshop & clients), I have certainly received the message loud & clear that I need to look after myself.

Rather than focusing on what I’m not doing or what I maybe could have done to prevent it, I’m choosing to accept what is & I’m choosing to listen to what I’m learning in these moments 💛

I’m learning how important it is to nurture ourselves, & to receive, especially when we are often in the space of giving.

I’m learning that I need to be comfortable with saying no & to set more boundaries.

I’m learning that I need to ask for what I need & to accept help when it is offered.

I’m learning that I need to be more open to receiving.

I’m learning that matters of the heart take time to heal. It’s not as simple as taking a panadol (or using my amazing past tense roller) for a headache & ‘getting on with it’. When the heart is in need of healing, physically, emotionally & spiritually, we need to rest our bodies.

So, if you’ve experienced a trauma recently that is connected to your heart (not just in the physical sense), or you’re going through something that is affecting your heart at the moment (maybe you’re remembering the loss of a loved one like I am today), allow yourself time to rest & time to heal.

Go easy on yourself.

Let go of any frustrations that you may have around plans, abilities, or emotions.

Set boundaries & create the space you need to reflect & process.

Make time for the things that bring you joy.

Seek out the things that will make you deep belly laugh.

Be gentle with yourself.

You will bounce back when you’ve given yourself time to heal 💗

Sending lots of love xx

📷 Wearing my rose quartz & relaxing in my love heart nightie & looking after myself 💗

Clean the cleaner

I was all ready to write a post yesterday morning on how it had been a big week which started with doing the wonderful Reiki 2 course with Angel Light Heart and Soul Healing, going through & growing through lots of emotions, giving & supporting people through my Mandala Painting Workshop & Reiki sessions, then having the shock of my sister & her beautiful family involved in a freak accident & delaying their start to their round the country trip again (thankfully all escaping major injuries), loving & caring for my family (including one sick child), & then getting sick myself as well… I had acknowledged that it had been a big week, and had planned things I wanted to write, but as the theme has seemed to be this week, plans are never set in stone… My big week clearly wasn’t yet done, as I added an extra cherry on top, ending up with a little health scare yesterday afternoon (because my family needs the extra stress 😬), & so I’m now sharing something that perhaps others need to hear as well.

I’ve had this recurring thought for a while now, that stems from a dishwasher advertisement of all things 🙊, that asks, ‘who cleans the cleaner!?’ I think of it often in relation to those who support other people (i.e. parents, carers, support workers, people who hold space for others in whatever capacity, etc) & I think, ‘who cares for the carer!?’ Whilst I’ve had this thought multiple times, I guess I haven’t gone much further than that… until now!

During the week I had someone close to me ask, ‘if you do this for others, then who’s looking after you?’ Then yesterday my beautiful friend posted something so poignant about being kind to ourselves when we’re always giving kindness to others, followed by a phone call about recent events, & we both agreed that we are now giving so much more of ourselves in our new spaces of work (that we both love so much), & that we really need to do more for ourselves & to look after ourselves as a result. Finally, as I laid in bed with my hand on my heart last night, I got images of a teddy bear (giving a big bear hug) & a droopy rose (in need of some nuturing) impressed on my mind, & I thought to myself, ‘I’m getting the msg loud & clear now!!’

So when I’m up to it, I will be scheduling in some extra & regular time for me. Because whilst I’ve done a lot of work on myself this year, it’s been a few months since I’ve had someone do some work on me, & I know that a regular massage, reiki, or meditation, etc will do wonders & will help keep me balanced so that I can continue giving myself in ways that I am so passionate about ❤️

So if you find yourself in a similar position, & you’re giving a lot of yourself, but not making time to receive, then let this be your reminder to ‘clean the cleaner’ & look after you! Let’s not just make it a once off. Let’s put something regular into place, & if you need someone to hold you accountable, then send me a message & let me know your plans & I can check in every now & then to see how you’re sticking to them 😊

It’s so important to make space for ourselves, to have the power to say no to somethings, & the power to say yes when people offer help (which I’m so incredibly grateful for all the offers of grocery shops, etc that I’ve received over the last couple of days 😍😍)

Have a great week! ❤️

Balance & boundaries

Life is all about setting boundaries to create balance. It is also about recognising when we need to set those boundaries, and when we are out of balance. For me, I would love to paint at every spare moment that I have (around looking after our 3 little ones), but I know that some of my time needs to be spent managing the house and other things. I also know that, whilst I love my painting time, if I spend too much time painting and not enough of my time writing and in quiet reflection then things can also get on top of me. With so many moving parts, it is a constant work in progress to get things in balance.

Balance and boundaries are especially important when we are parents and have so many demands on us. I know that in a busy house with 3 little ones, it can be really hard to have time to myself, or just some quiet time, and so it is up to me to set boundaries to create that quiet time. Creating boundaries with our children also encourages them to learn patience, understanding and gratitude (and is definitely a work in progress). We also need to set boundaries with our families and friends, we need to set boundaries with our work and other commitments, and we need to set boundaries with our partners.

Setting these boundaries helps us to create balance. For example, it helps with creating a balance between time with the family, time with our partners, and time with ourselves. Whilst it can be incredibly hard to achieve, and some days might be easier than others, what can make it easier is knowing what quality time looks like with our families, partners, and ourselves. By knowing what quality time looks like, we can then make better decisions around how we spend our time, and can gain greater satisfaction from using that time to better serve us. Communicating with our partners and kids on the boundaries we want to create is also key.

We also need to take the pressure off ourselves. We don’t have to do everything, and we don’t have to achieve it all alone. It is okay to ask for help when we need it. Sometimes we might need to take a break from something to make room or give extra attention to something else.  When we feel we are spiralling and overwhelmed, the best solution is often to take a break and regroup. Whilst we might think we are ‘wasting time’ when we stop, this is not the case for when we take breaks, we are coming back with greater energy, greater focus and clarity, and often greater motivation.

If you’re recognising that you’re out of balance, speak up and ask for the help you need to create the space for you to restore balance, and be gentle with yourself.

Keeping house

I have had such a productive day today (stay with me… I promise there’s a point to what may appear as gloating)…

I have done:
4 loads of washing,
thoroughly cleaned our ensuite (well overdue!),
put away the piles of clothes accumulating in our dressing room,
put away a pile of each of the kids clothes,
wiped over the kitchen cupboards (because when your 3yo happens to find a tiny piece of oil pastel somewhere & practises his signature on the cupboards, there is extra cleaning involved… with his help!),
changed the sheets on the twins cots & vacuumed their room,
& did the same for Mr 3, including sanding some patching that I’d stupidly done in an OCD episode I had a few weeks back…
All while either involving the kids & getting them to help, or watching them play outside, or while they played inside, or while they slept.

Now to the points I want to make…
Some may read this & compare to what they did today & feel like they have done more, & some may feel like they have done less. When I read my list, I see – that this is not my everyday. That I have piles of washing around the house, I have jobs that don’t get done as often as they should, I have a mountain of washing that never ends, I never have an empty house (there’s always 3 crazy & very loveable kids running around), I wish I could split myself in 2 so that one of me cleaned while the other played with the kids, I have a child (actually 3) who does testing things, I have a big house that takes forever to clean, I have less cleaning time these days (because I have 3 kids to share my time with) & I have to prioritise my cleaning, I don’t have productive cleaning days every day. These are some of my circumstances.

We are all different & our circumstances are all different. Some of us have 1 child, some of us have multiple. Some of us work, some of us stay home. Some of us have cleaners, some of us don’t. Some of us have smaller houses, some of us have bigger houses. We all choose to spend our time differently…

Over the weekend, I found myself getting into a tizz about the state of the house before some friends arrived, despite having spent a couple of hours cleaning beforehand. I reflected on it later & how I was falling into the trap of comparison & putting too many expectations on myself in our circumstances. It wasn’t until my hubby looked at me & said the words, ‘I’m happy in our home’, that I was reminded of the most important thing – that we are happy.

It can be so easy to get caught up in comparing our homes to our friends & families or to those we see on social media, & to feel inadequate. The mind has a funny way of doing that. But the next time you find your mind wandering to all the things you haven’t done or how your house doesn’t look a certain way, just remember that you are doing enough in your circumstances & that the most important thing is that you are happy & comfortable