Journaling Workshops

Journaling Workshops, Perth

Born out of my own experiences in re-discovering myself my group journaling workshops are an opportunity for self-exploration and reflection in my relaxed space in Coogee, WA.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

  • Intro to Journaling (Part 1) – Coming soon
  • Who Are You (Part 2) – Coming soon
  • Align to You (Part 3) – Coming soon
  • Empowering You (Part 4) – Coming soon
  • Connecting with Abundance Workshop Series – ONLINE – Coming soon

‘Connecting with You’ Workshop Series

Would you like some quiet space to really connect with yourself, whilst also connecting with likeminded friends?
Are you open to self-reflection, to receiving, and to tuning into yourself to access all of your power?

This series was born from my own experience of needing to reconnect with myself after coming out of that first year of having a 2yo and newborn twins. I started to question everything – what it was that I wanted to be doing (outside of being Mum), who I wanted to spend my time with, and how I could connect with new people, etc. This self reflection process, was the beginning of a lot of personal growth and change, and I am so grateful to be on my path, sharing my journey and what has worked for me to support others.

Join me for a 4 part series, guiding You towards building a stronger Connection with You.
Each part of this series is a 2.5 hour workshop, run in a relaxed way, with light refreshments, and all materials provided.

Exchange: $75 per workshop

Part 1: Introduction to Journaling (2.5 hours) –

Explore the benefits of journaling, creating your own unique journal, and learn some journal activities that will support you in making journaling part of your everyday life

Part 2: Who are You? (2.5 hours)

Use your journaling skills to explore the things that make you the wonderful You that you are

Part 3: Align to You (2.5 hours)

Now that you have remembered who you are, it is time to learn some tools that will support you in being in alignment with your best self

Part 4: Empowering You (2.5 hours)

The final part to the ‘Connecting with YOU’ series is aimed at giving you some tools to enable you to prioritise being your best self

‘Connecting with Abundance’ Workshop Series

Get clear on what YOU want & invite MORE of what YOU want into your life throughout this 6 week series focused on ABUNDANCE!
Connect with a beautiful group as you are guided and supported by Simone to get clear on what you want for yourself and how to take positive action to go after it!

What this workshop series will include:

  • 4 x 1.5 hour online workshops
  • Additional group support over the 6 weeks through a group chat
  • Structured workshops each fortnight to support you in gaining clarity on what you want more of in your life, how to create positive action to receive what you want, as well as being held accountable by your group coach (Simone) & celebrating each achievement
  • Breath work / meditation & oracle cards in each workshop
  • Connection & support from a group of likeminded people

Exchange: $222 (total for all 4 workshops)

Held on Zoom – Find a comfortable, quiet place each fortnight and bring your favourite journal or notebook.

YOUR New Year Reset Journaling Workshop

Start the New Year with focus, positivity, reflection & intention!
Spend the morning in a relaxed space, creating your unique 2022 journal, releasing 2021, & setting your intentions & manifesting the New Year that YOU want to create

What this workshop will include:

  • Breath work, meditation & oracle cards
  • Letting go 2021 ritual
  • Creating your unique 2022 journal cover (all materials provided)
  • Intention setting & manifesting activities focused on the 2022 that YOU want to create
  • A delicious morning tea
  • Connection with a beautiful group


“Simone’s workshops are a time to press pause on life and actually sit in what is really happening. Confronting at times, but you feel incredibly held and cared for when you are reflecting on what to do next. I would recommend the series to everyone that needs to hold space for themselves. If you are running from you, time to stop running. I am so grateful to have found Simone. She is an angel on earth.” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“I really enjoyed the 4 part series. Journaling is such a great tool to use in all aspects of life and I can’t believe I only just found it! The studio space is so lovely and calming and Simone is a great host and coach.” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“Before the Series I was feeling stuck in my own head. I had just finished up work and feared losing my identity, not knowing where I’d end up professionally and whether I could actually take the time to reset and reflect on my own needs. I am now feeling optimistic I can get back on track and make some positive changes that will impact my self esteem, career and relationships. I have a good grounding to start to really reflect on what my needs are and a bit of a process to question the disconnect between how I am living my life and my values that I want to live which has been a source of discontentment to me for some time. I know I am in control of me and my journey and it’s me who can make a change. I don’t have to be perfect I just need to do a good enough job and really need to work on self compassion and be kinder to myself.” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“I love Simone’s way of asking questions to help us find the answers and gain clarity ourselves. She strikes the perfect balance between letting everyone chat and then pulling us back into focus on the different reflection tasks. Because it was a small group we got to know each other and I felt comfortable sharing and being open. Making the physical journal in the first session was a great way to be creative when I hadn’t done any art or craft in ages. The morning tea was always yummy too!!” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“Just LOVE this place of sacred connection. The energy is divine and the opportunity for self-growth is just amazing. I’m very thankful to my magical whisperers to have brought me here. Thanks Simone <3” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]

Vicky A

“Simone, thanks for sharing your space, presence, insights and gifts with us. It was a delightful way to spend Sunday morning. You were generous and kind. Everything was perfect.” [Part 1, ‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for today and letting us share your space. The workshop today allowed me to get everything out on paper I had bottled up, for the first time in a long time I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can heal.” [Part 1, ‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“Simone was such a lovely host! She made you feel very comfortable, relaxed and calm. She always provided food and drinks for you so it really made you feel at home. The workshops were very rewarding and made me realise things about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. I highly enjoyed all 4 parts and would recommend this to anyone wanting to find themselves.” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“The Align To You workshop really helped me consider how I spend my time and what time and emotional energy I am wasting doing things or thinking about things that are really not important to me. I can refocus my energy into doing more of what I love.” [Part 3, ‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


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