Reiki Energy and Intuitive Healing Sessions, Perth

Book in your Reiki healing session with Simone and go on a journey of soulful connection and relaxation.
See full menu of options below. All sessions are held in Coogee, South of the River in Perth, WA. Exact location is anonymised for privacy. Specific address will be sent with booking confirmation.

Want the ultimate relaxation plan? Purchase 4 x 1-hour Reiki Clarity & Restore sessions in a bundle and have the 4th session upgraded to a 1.5-hour Reiki Relax, Reflect & Resolve session.
All sessions to be booked within a 4-month period.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a ‘hands on’ practice, that allows the universal energy to flow from me and through to you. Reiki is a simple and beautiful method of healing that treats your whole being including body, emotions, mind and spirit. Read more here.

I fortunately grew up surrounded by family and friends who practice Reiki, first becoming attuned at 10 years of age. In 2018, I revisited my practice, redoing my Reiki I Certificate, and then completing my Reiki II at Angel Light Heart and Soul Healing. Reiki allows me to support myself, my husband and three young children, and clients in a holistic way. I love holding space for people to relax, heal and connect with themselves, and believe that my passion flows through my work.

See video below for a short snippet of a Reiki Clarity & Restore session.

Expect a warm welcome upon arrival and your session to begin with some questions to help me determine where and how I best work with you. When it comes to the Reiki, you will lay on a massage table with a blanket over you, so that you are relaxed and comfortable. You will receive at least 20 – 30 minutes of Reiki healing energy, which can be received either hands on (i.e. hands placed on your stomach, head, feet, etc.), or with hands hovering just above your body with no contact. I will intuitively listen to your body, focusing the energy where needed to restore balance and support your healing process. I receive messages intuitively as I work on you and can share these throughout the session if you are comfortable. 

It is an absolute pleasure to support my clients to restore balance, gain clarity, feel a weight lift from their shoulders, and to enjoy some deep relaxation.

I look forward to connecting with you,

Simone xx

“Walking in battered and tired Simone’s soothing words allow you to be vulnerable with fumbled head nods when words can’t be formed. Simone guides you through a holistic practice enabling you to form thoughts and descriptors of your life you couldn’t articulate before. The sessions are all encompassing energy and balm for your being. Simone has changed my life.”


“Before my session my mind was racing and I felt frazzled. The setting Simone has created gives me a wonderful sense of calm. Then once on the table the ability to relax seems to flow from her hands. As someone that finds it difficult to quieten my mind, during the reiki was the first time my mind couldn’t wander it was almost still. After the reiki I felt calmer but energised, and with a renewed sense of self.”


“My Reiki session with Simone felt right from the minute I walked in. I just knew she would help. My intuition was correct, and I left feeling like a literal weight had lifted. Through the experience I was able to let go of some very heavy emotion related to postnatal depression and anxiety from several years before, something I hadn’t been able to do in the past. I left a calmer person who was able to tackle more heavy emotion and conversation that very afternoon. I don’t think I could have without Simone’s help. I can’t wait to go back again!”


“A session with her is a powerful and enlightening experience! Simone’s healing hands enable you to open the mind, while also reliving stress, tension and anxiety. I have had numerous Reiki sessions with her and have always left with calmness, clarity and a sense of connection.”


“Excellent, caring reiki session! I was going through such a rough time and I felt seen without having to say a word. Highly recommended!”


“Thank you for today lady. My stress went from 8/10 to a 1/10. I still have tingles through my head & body from the energy work. Bub loved it too, I felt lots of movement when you were working, especially around my hip area. If you haven’t tried Reiki & your nervous system is needing a reset, I highly recommend chatting with Simone.”