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Workshops and Retreats with Simone at Embarked provide the space for you to relax, connect with yourself on a deeper level, and immerse yourself into some creativity. Held in Simone’s relaxed space in Coogee, WA or online. Looking to book a private event? Book a FREE 10-minute Connection Call or complete a request form below.

  • Half-Day Retreat – Relax, Connect, Create – Saturday 2nd December, 9am – 1pm Book via Eventbrite
  • ONLINE Journaling Workshop – Wednesday 6th December, 10am – 11:30am Book via Square
  • YOUR New Year Reset Journaling Workshop – Saturday 30th December, 9am – 12pm Book via Eventbrite

Are you ready to experience the power that comes with reflecting on all that you’ve experienced and achieved in a year?
Ready to let go of those things you don’t wish to carry into 2024?
Excited to get clear on what you want the next year to look like so that you can welcome in all of those wonderful things?
Start the New Year with focus, positivity, reflection & intention!
Spend the morning in a relaxed space, creating your unique 2024 journal, releasing 2023, and setting your intentions and manifesting the New Year that YOU want to create.

What this workshop will include:

  • Breath work, meditation and oracle cards
  • Letting go 2023 ritual
  • Creating your unique 2024 journal cover (all materials provided)
  • Intention setting and manifesting activities focused on the 2024 that YOU want to create
  • A delicious morning tea
  • Connection with a beautiful group

Three of my loves (Connection Circles, Journaling and Mandala Painting) have been combined into one beautiful Half-Day Retreat, centred around supporting you to relax, connect & create.

Allow me to take you on a unique journey as we press pause on the busyness of life and explore our current state, expressing what’s on our hearts and minds in written and art form.

What this retreat will include:

  • Breath work, meditation and oracle cards
  • Journaling activities to guide you back to yourself, and to explore the power of art and symbolism
  • Painting your individual mini mandala (on a 15cm square) using high quality acrylic paints (all painting materials provided)
  • Connection with a beautiful group
  • Delicious food

Exchange: $155 (plus booking fee)

Treat yourself to this beautifully unique half-day retreat, and create space for yourself to go within, and explore your creativity

Explore the benefits of journaling, create your own unique journal, and practice some journal activities to add to your wellbeing toolkit. Suitable for beginners.

What this workshop will include:

  • Meditation, grounding activities and oracle cards
  • Creating your unique journal cover (all materials provided)
  • Journaling activities to help you with your mindfulness practice
  • A delicious morning or afternoon tea
  • Connection with a beautiful group

Exchange: $75 (plus booking fee)

Treat yourself to this beautifully reflective retreat, and create space to connect with yourself, explore who you truly are, and create a plan for a more aligned and empowered life!

What this retreat will include:

  • Breath work, meditation and oracle cards
  • Journaling activities centred around 4 key areas –
    • Establishing a connection with yourself
    • Exploring who YOU truly are
    • Discerning what is and isn’t in alignment
    • Creating a plan for an empowered life
  • Connection with a beautiful group
  • Delicious food
  • An intensive day of reflection to propel you forward

What to bring: An open heart and a willingness to go within, a journal or notebook

This retreat has evolved from my 4-part Connecting with YOU series and was born from my own experience of needing to reconnect with myself after coming out of that first year of having a 2yo and newborn twins. I started to question everything – what it was that I wanted to be doing (outside of being Mum), who I wanted to spend my time with, and how I could connect with new people, etc. This self-reflective process was the beginning of a lot of personal growth and change for me. I recognise the importance of creating space to reflect on a regular basis, and I am so grateful to be on my path, sharing my journey and what has worked for me to support others.

“Once again Simone produces a wonderful event where you come away feeling you are a little more knowing in who you are and comfortable with it. The setting is so peaceful and nurturing. Thank you for a blessed morning of sharing and art.” [Half Day Retreat]


“I loved painting the mandala as I have not done one before. I love that I can keep a piece that will remind me of the grounded feeling I have now.” [Half Day Retreat]


“Simone’s workshops are a time to press pause on life and actually sit in what is really happening. Confronting at times, but you feel incredibly held and cared for when you are reflecting on what to do next. I would recommend the series to everyone that needs to hold space for themselves. If you are running from you, time to stop running. I am so grateful to have found Simone. She is an angel on earth.”


“I really enjoyed the 4-part series. Journaling is such a great tool to use in all aspects of life and I can’t believe I only just found it! The studio space is so lovely and calming and Simone is a great host and coach.”


“Before the Series I was feeling stuck in my own head. I had just finished up work and feared losing my identity, not knowing where I’d end up professionally and whether I could actually take the time to reset and reflect on my own needs. I am now feeling optimistic I can get back on track and make some positive changes that will impact my self esteem, career and relationships. I have a good grounding to start to really reflect on what my needs are and a bit of a process to question the disconnect between how I am living my life and my values that I want to live which has been a source of discontentment to me for some time. I know I am in control of me and my journey and it’s me who can make a change. I don’t have to be perfect I just need to do a good enough job and really need to work on self compassion and be kinder to myself.”


“Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was gentle, calm and allowed me to reflect.” [Half Day Retreat]


“I love Simone’s way of asking questions to help us find the answers and gain clarity ourselves. She strikes the perfect balance between letting everyone chat and then pulling us back in to focus on the different reflection tasks. Because it was a small group we got to know each other and I felt comfortable sharing and being open. Making the physical journal in the first session was a great way to be creative when I hadn’t done any art or craft in ages. The morning tea was always yummy too!!”


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for today and letting us share your space. The workshop today allowed me to get everything out on paper I had bottled up, for the first time in a long time I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can heal.”


Looking for some 1:1 support, see Simone’s Coaching & Reiki offerings