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3 Things that will help you create more alignment in your business

Do you feel like your business or your clients are running you, vs you are running your business?
Do you feel like you’re often saying ‘yes’ to the requests of clients, when what you really want to say is ‘no, I don’t offer that’?
Does your business feel like a chore because you’re not doing enough of what lights you up?

Businesses are an evolution, especially in those foundational years. It is so important that you give yourself permission to pivot and tweak things as often as you need so that it feels in alignment with you. And it’s important to create the space to reflect on what aligns and what doesn’t align, as well as what you want to align to.

Three things that will help you create a more aligned business include:

  • Stop offering services in your business that you don’t like doing
  • Set your working hours to what you want to work, not what works best for your clients
  • Stop comparing your business to what others are doing. This is your journey, and you are putting your unique magic out into this world.

Once you’re clear and you become brave enough to start saying ‘no’ to the things that no longer align with you, you’ll notice how you start to create the space to be able to say, ‘yes’ to the things that do’, which will in turn bring more joy and satisfaction to your business! More of what you WANT to be doing equals more fun, ease and flow within your business. More doing what aligns equals more aligned clients. ✨✨

Need support?

If you’re in need of some 1:1 support to reflect on what is in alignment in your business, make a plan and then implement the changes to get to that place of more satisfaction, joy and ease, check out my 1:1 empowerment coaching program as I love supporting my clients to grow their businesses from a place of authenticity!

woman in white shirt sitting on chair
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You can have your cake AND eat it!

If you’re currently in a place where your friendship circle or job or business is no longer aligning with you… you are not alone!
This is completely normal when you are either already growing and evolving or you are ready to grow and evolve.
I have experienced this feeling many times before and I’m here to tell you that it will be okay. It will all work out.
Your life will turn out better than you can imagine!

  • You can have a beautiful tribe or circle that supports you and accepts you exactly as you are
  • You can have a job or business that is uplifting, fulfilling and enjoyable
  • You can have everything you dream of having

It starts with creating the space to work out who you authentically are, what supports that in your life, and what it is you truly want!

Whilst this might feel scary, the braver you are to take the first steps towards change, the greater the benefits will be.

If you’re ready to create the space and invest in your happiness and the life you really want for yourself, come and join my online signature program, ‘Activating Authentic Authority’©.

You’ll connect with a group of likeminded people and get the answers and action plan you seek to confidently make the changes that will support you living your best life!

Click here for more details. We start the next powerful program very soon with 2 group options to choose from.

three cupcake with pink icing
Photo by Julias Torten und Törtchen on Pexels.com