Motherhood Musings for Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day and my first Mother’s Day as a mother of 3 (it still blows my mind), I felt it fitting to share my own thoughts on Motherhood. Motherhood (and parenthood) changes EVERYTHING.. From something as simple as a trip to the bathroom, to your body, to the way you view life – nothing is the same. I don’t remember what my thoughts were heading into motherhood (I blame baby brain for that one), but I know that whatever I was thinking, I was way off the mark. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, nothing can prepare you for the highs and lows of motherhood.

Upon becoming a mum for the first time I felt like I had to learn how to do most things all over again. The simple task of going to the supermarket became so much more. It became an outing, a break (if going alone), a complex task requiring a shopping list (or else it would be a failed mission.. oops!) and so much focus that I could no longer register what anyone else was doing or even wearing. Heading out with bub was another level, from finding something to wear that was breastfeeding friendly, to packing a bag containing everything but the kitchen sink, to planning around naps and meal times – a mission that sometimes seemed all too much, and meant home visits were highly encouraged.

To add to this, conversations changed.. they were no longer about work, spontaneous trips, nights out or holiday plans, but about feeding, weight gains (the baby’s..), milestones, and sleep (or lack of). Achievements changed and were no longer about a good performance rating at work, or finding a great pair of shoes on sale, but instead about getting more than 3 hours of sleep in a row (woohoo!), or getting out of the house, or what milestones our baby was achieving (as their achievements become your achievements and often mean so much more). Relationships changed too. Relationships (especially with family) strengthened as we looked for support and appreciated those who were excited for us and showered our new bundle of joy with love and attention. New relationships formed as you were connected with other Mum’s in similar situations to you. And on the flip side, some relationships dwindled as you suddenly had less in common, or different priorities. Our relationship as husband and wife has grown (and continues to grow) so much as we navigate through the challenges of parenthood and strive to communicate and work as a team.

Motherhood has given me a new feeling, like a fire has been lit inside me with the love I have for my 3 babies, that grows with every joyful moment and that gets me through the harder times. I now have 3 babies that are constantly in my thoughts – who needs a nappy change, who needs to be fed next, who needs a mummy cuddle, who needs a story read to them, who needs to go down for a sleep, who needs to be taken to an appointment, who is out of my line of vision (and getting into who knows what).. I now have different priorities with a family that I will always put first. I now have baby brain that doesn’t seem to be fading. I now have a purpose in life that I had never known before.

After almost 3 years into my journey of motherhood, and as the fog of having newborn twins slowly lifts, I realise more and more how much I have changed on my journey as a Mum. I am so grateful for my 3 babies and for the lessons they have and will continue to teach me. I have more confidence now, than I did when I first entered motherhood, to make decisions (although don’t ask me what we should have for dinner), to know my strengths, and to know my weaknesses (at least I’m getting there!). I have more clarity on what I value, what I want for myself (more sleep :P), and what I want for my family. I know that I have so many years ahead of me and many more experiences to have, and I look forward to continuing to grow on my journey of motherhood as I watch my babies grow.