My Year of Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding our firstborn opened my eyes to both the rewards and the challenges of breastfeeding. When we found out that we were expecting twins, I was determined that I would give it my best effort to breastfeed them too. Before they were born, I set myself a goal of breastfeeding them for 12 months, I … Continue reading My Year of Breastfeeding Twins

It’s a tough gig

I’m putting aside all of the positives, the joys and the feel good moments for a minute to talk about something that we don’t often say out loud – this motherhood gig is tough. Some of us may feel this more than others and some more frequently than others, but whether it’s multiple times a … Continue reading It’s a tough gig

Take the pressure down

Being a parent is challenging. These days, whilst we have the added benefit of information at our fingertips, we also have the added pressure that this constant flow of information places on us, not to mention the pressure we place on ourselves in comparing ourselves to others through social media. With this information overload and … Continue reading Take the pressure down

The First 3 Years of Sleep(lessness)

Our firstborn has never been a sleeper. Since birth, he has been the type that would stay up partying all night if we let him. He wasn’t the kind of baby who would just fall asleep anywhere (I hear they exist!?), want to be cuddled to sleep, or ever fed to sleep. When he was … Continue reading The First 3 Years of Sleep(lessness)

Almost there!

When the twins were born, I set myself a goal of breastfeeding them for 12 months. From the moment we got home from hospital, the countdown was on... 1 week down, 51 to go... 2 weeks down, 50 to go... My Mum, who I was incredibly lucky to have supporting me, would just shake her … Continue reading Almost there!