Team Development

Team Development Support

Is your team in need of some support to improve connection, impact, and performance? See below for how Simone can support you in a variety of ways or complete the request form to start organising your next team development event.

Simone is a skilled facilitator with a vast range of experience in facilitating sessions to support leaders and their teams through the various stages of team development. Her portfolio consists of workshops to support teams in the early stages of establishing norms and boundaries, through to feedback sessions to improve collaboration and team effectiveness, and various team building activities to support ongoing connection.

Simone is a licensed practitioner/coach in The Why of you Powered by PRINT®, a breakthrough model of human motivation and behaviour that was developed by The Paul Hertz Group. She uses this tool to support leaders and teams to connect to themselves and each other.

See more about PRINT® here.

Simone is a Creative Workshop Facilitator and is passionate about bringing teams together to strengthen connection. Simone’s Mandala Painting Workshops make for a fun and creative way to connect as a team, and her Wellness Workshops bring a holistic approach to support team development.

A mandala, in its circular shape, represents wholeness, unity and harmony, which are key elements to teaming and collaboration. The circle symbolises bringing people together and provides a safe structure for exploring creativity in a painting process.

Painting as a team activity creates a platform for communication and connection. It also allows for exploration of the different styles within each team, as each person will have a unique approach to the activity. Painting in a group caters to team members who may not wish to fully partake in a painting experience and allows them to still feel included in the activity, observing and encouraging their team members.  The room will be buzzing with creative energy, and there can be some friendly rivalry between teams as team members walk around the room to observe the process unfolding at the other tables.

Simone has a variety of tools in her toolkit to create a team development workshop centred around connection, creation and reinvigoration. It’s important that teams take the time away from work to connect as individuals. Team building activities support stronger relationships, more trust, better communication, and increased performance and productivity. Simone is highly experienced in creating a safe and open space for teams to connect and share in a positive way to elevate the team’s impact and performance.

If you’re ready for your team to have a stronger connection, make a greater impact, and improve performance submit a workshop request form below or book in a 10-minute connection call and let’s talk about options that best achieve what you’re looking for.