Embarked Simone Wellness Workshops Retreats Coogee Perth

Wellness Events

Wellness Events, Perth

My group wellness events are an opportunity for self-exploration, reflection and relaxation in my studio space in Coogee, WA or online. Scroll down to view workshop options below, or book a FREE 10-minute Connection Call or complete a request form to organise your next unique event.

A space for you to relax, reflect and connect with yourself and others. See below for more information regarding these community events, or to book and experience one for yourself.

A fun, creative and unique way to connect with friends or colleagues for a special celebration or team building event! Paint your story within a circle. See below for more information or to submit a workshop request.

Embarked Simone Wellness Workshops Retreats Coogee Perth

A variety of beautiful workshops and retreats to support you to relax, create and connect with yourself and others. Reflective workshops using journaling as a tool to connect with yourself and find clarity, combined with meditative painting experiences. See below for more information and a calendar of events.

“Simone, thanks for sharing your space, presence, insights and gifts with us. It was a delightful way to spend Sunday morning. You were generous and kind. Everything was perfect.”

“Just LOVE this place of sacred connection. The energy is divine and the opportunity for self-growth is just amazing. I’m very thankful to my magical whisperers to have brought me here. Thanks Simone <3” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]

Vicky A

“Simone’s workshops are a time to press pause on life and actually sit in what is really happening. Confronting at times, but you feel incredibly held and cared for when you are reflecting on what to do next. I would recommend the series to everyone that needs to hold space for themselves. If you are running from you, time to stop running. I am so grateful to have found Simone. She is an angel on earth.” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]


“I really enjoyed the 4 part series. Journaling is such a great tool to use in all aspects of life and I can’t believe I only just found it! The studio space is so lovely and calming and Simone is a great host and coach.” [‘Connecting with You’ Wellness Series]