Activating Authentic Authority©

Embarked Signature Program: ‘Activating Authentic Authority’©

Are you walking around like everything is fine but deep down, in your shoe, your sock is falling off? Are you putting on a brave face when underneath you’re feeling lost, stuck, or unsure of who you are and what your purpose is?

You’re not alone. I have been in your shoes before, maybe not the exact same size or style, but a similar pair.

Right now, everything feels unclear. You’re feeling deflated, possibly burnt out, looking around at everyone else who seems to have their stuff together, wondering how they do it. You might even try on some of their advice, but it doesn’t fit right. You’re feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of life, frustrated by not having all of the answers to get the change you’re desperately seeking. It would be nice to have a magic manual, right!?

You want to reconnect with yourself, to find your spark, and to understand your own needs and desires (ha! what are those!?). You want to make the changes you know you need to make, along with the space and tools to work it out. AND you want the confidence to enjoy YOUR life, with a supportive network too.

So, do you keep going as you are, or do you get off the wheel and assess where you’re at?

If you’re ready to get off the wheel, I invite you to come on a journey of self-exploration! Over 8 weeks, we will shift any feelings of being stuck, lost, unworthy, or disempowered, to ‘Activating Authentic Authority’©, building your confidence to shine your light and show up as your unique expression! Give yourself the space to get clear on the who, what and why of you, reclaim your life, AND connect with likeminded people.

  • Create the space you need to remember who you are
  • Claim back your identity
  • Uncover what drives you in life
  • Be reminded of your unique power within
  • Make positive changes in your mindset and in your world
  • Feel more confident to stand in your power and show up as your authentic self!
  • Make empowered decisions to build a life that you love
  • Connect with a group of likeminded people, and have fun and support each other on the way!

  • 8 weeks of group connection and support
  • 4 x value packed 2-hour group workshops via zoom (fortnightly)
    • Establishing a connection with yourself
    • Exploring who YOU truly are
    • The Importance of Discernment and Alignment
    • An Empowered Plan
  • A Paul Hertz Group’s PRINT® Survey and group debrief, offering you incredible insight into your behaviour and core motivators
  • Group chat support
  • Reflective activities to support your growth throughout the 8-weeks
  • Small supportive group
  • Optional 1:1 ‘Hour of Power’ Coaching Session with Simone
  • The next program will commence in February 2024 with the 4 x 2-hour calls held on either –
    • Sunday 4th February, 18th February, 3rd March and 17th March 9am – 11am (AWST), or
    • Wednesday 7th February, 21st February, 6th March, and 20th March 9:30am – 11:30am (AWST)
Simone Parker shares what is involved in Embarked’s signature program, ‘Activating Authentic Authority’©

  • Holding a safe space for self-exploration and open group conversation
  • Reconnecting you with yourself and your unique light
  • Guiding you back to yourself, where all the answers to those ‘what now?’ or ‘what next?’ questions really lie
  • Providing the tools to support your reflection and rediscovery
  • Understanding your core motivators and behaviours that reflect your best self and potential shadows through the Paul Hertz Group’s PRINT® Survey
  • Having fun and celebrating your progress along the way!

$599 (not including 1:1 Coaching Session with Simone)
Or $799 with 1:1 Coaching Session inclusion (save $88) $599 for limited time only

Payment plans available if needed to support you to make this amazing investment in yourself.

“Simone’s workshops are a time to press pause on life and actually sit in what is really happening. Confronting at times, but you feel incredibly held and cared for when you are reflecting on what to do next. I would recommend this to everyone that needs to hold space for themselves. If you are running from you, time to stop running. I am so grateful to have found Simone. She is an angel on earth.”


“Before, I was feeling stuck in my own head. I had just finished up work and feared losing my identity, not knowing where I’d end up professionally and whether I could actually take the time to reset and reflect on my own needs. I am now feeling optimistic I can get back on track and make some positive changes that will impact my self esteem, career and relationships…”


“The workshop was very rewarding and made me realise things about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. I highly enjoyed all of it and would recommend this to anyone wanting to find themselves.”