Mandala Painting Workshops

Mandala Painting Workshops, Perth

Book a Mandala Painting Workshop and enjoy a journey of self exploration as you unleash your creative soul and paint your story within a circle. Connect with yourself, your creativity, and with others ♥

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Mini Mandala:

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Large Mandala:

Evening Series:

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Group bookings also available on request, so get in touch to book in your next event!

All workshops held in Coogee, South of Perth in Western Australia.

How to book?

Please get in touch via 0420 770 614, or book via Eventbrite below

If you have a group of 6 or more and would like to have your own group workshop, please reach out and we can work out a day to create together!

What can you expect?

My Mandala Painting Workshops are a space for both men and women to explore their creativity, and connect with their unconscious to paint their story in a circle. You can expect to be held in a safe and supportive space as you go on a journey of self exploration in a relaxed setting. We will begin with some breath work, bringing our full selves into the room to ensure there are no barriers to the creative process. We then use high quality acrylic paints and other tools to create your masterpiece. No prior painting experience is required, and all materials (including light refreshments) will be provided.

My role is to hold the space for you to explore your own creativity and take some time out for you. I will provide you with the tools and the basics, working with you to draw out what story your soul desires to tell. Just as each mandala will be completely different for each person, so too can the journey that you go through. Expect to feel nervous, excited, scared, proud, frustrated, exhausted, and amazed as you go through this incredible process!

Why Mandalas?

On a very special trip to Melbourne in January 2018, my soul sister booked me into one of Karen Scott’s One Day Wonder Workshops at Mandala Magic. I had not painted in a very long time and was incredibly nervous! At the end of the workshop, I was so proud of my unique masterpiece and received more than I could have dreamed from the process. I came home, took up painting and I haven’t stopped painting Mandalas since. The more I painted, the more I knew that I wanted to share this beautiful experience with others to relax, connect and create.

Not only is a Mandala a sacred symbol, but creating a Mandala brings part of our unconscious mind to our consciousness, reflecting our current state. Personally, I find that a Mandala offers a safe structure for those who are nervous about painting without experience. You can absorb yourself completely in the process of creating them, making for some great meditation, but they are also beautiful pieces upon completion that tell a personal story.

Art has the great ability to calm and focus the mind. I am so passionate about holding space for others to connect with their creativity and find some calm in their lives. Seeing a group completely absorbed in the process of creating their masterpieces makes my heart sing. I love watching the creative journey unfold and hearing many surprised by the colours and shapes they choose. My most favourite part is seeing the pride on everyone’s faces as they complete their masterpieces and take them home to be proudly displayed in a special place.

“Art is so powerful. We can’t underestimate the power of creating, big or small”

Simone Parker