Yesterday, we had a whole day of just us đź’› We were so grateful to have my wonderful in-laws offer to have the kids for the day so that we could finish building the kids main Christmas present, & to clean & sort the house for Christmas dinner tomorrow night, to prep for events after … Continue reading Us

Balance & boundaries

Life is all about setting boundaries to create balance. It is also about recognising when we need to set those boundaries, and when we are out of balance. For me, I would love to paint at every spare moment that I have (around looking after our 3 little ones), but I know that some of … Continue reading Balance & boundaries

Keeping house

I have had such a productive day today (stay with me... I promise there’s a point to what may appear as gloating)... I have done: 4 loads of washing, thoroughly cleaned our ensuite (well overdue!), put away the piles of clothes accumulating in our dressing room, put away a pile of each of the kids … Continue reading Keeping house

Do you have time?

"Time is a created thing. To say, 'I don't have time' is like saying, 'I don't want to'." - Lao Tzu Every day, I’m becoming more & more comfortable with the message behind this quote, but there was definitely a time (a long time) when it would have made me uncomfortable... Now I can see … Continue reading Do you have time?

An Ode to Washing

Oh washing piles, In all your glory, How you really do Tell a story Of favourite foods, Of fun times had, Of clothes worn by Mum, That belong to Dad Of colours & patterns Chosen with love & clothes, once big, That fit like a glove Oh washing piles, How I must inquire... Will you … Continue reading An Ode to Washing

What do you do?

Group Acrylic Mandala Painting Intuitive Art Therapy Workshop with Embarked with Simone in Atwell, South of Perth Western Australia

On those days (or weeks) when... You’re a little more tired You’re a little less patient You’re a little more clumsy You’re a little less motivated You’re a little more forgetful You’re a little less talkative You’re a little more irritable You’re a little less organised You’re a little more distracted You’re a little less … Continue reading What do you do?